Chi Ball knowhow

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Re: Chi Ball knowhow

Post by Huurah » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:14 pm

Namaste All :)

I am not attuned, however I thought I would try this as Priya said it was possible to do it without being attuned and reading what Beeholtz had said it seemed that what was being described is something I have always done when I am missing someone of just want to send them an extra gift of love from a distance. Just not quite in the same way, I never used my hands for sending it distance, I just imagined creating it and sending it to that person and them receiving it. I have also been able to cuddle my fiancé from a distance and he has felt it on more than one occasion. I have had a few interesting experiences with regards to that sort of thing with my fiancé and others but I am unsure if this is the place to explain them...

When I tried it as Mohan suggested I could indeed feel a magnet like energy and was amazed to feel it between my hands like that. In the past I have done a little healing but I usually took on the aliment myself so I stopped because I didn't want to always be sick with other peoples issues and I didn't want them to have to suffer anything of mine either. Another reason I would love to practice Reiki. I am very sensitive to other's feelings and what not to the point where I can get them confused with my own unless it is a dramatic change, but wow doing as Mohan suggested was a great experience and I can't wait to be able to do it with Reiki and notice the difference.

Mohan may I ask why some refer to you as Mohan and others Mohan jii? Please excuse my ignorance and thank you in advance.
A healer does not heal with their hands, their mind nor with a specific technique. A healer heals with their heart.~

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Re: Chi Ball knowhow

Post by angelicdiamond » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:10 pm


Please know that you have the ability to heal without being attuned to Reiki. In fact, you can even channel Reiki without being attuned!
It's very important to get used to feeling and sensing Chi energy, as Chi is Reiki behind the mask of another name. Let me explain the difference:

Chi is everywhere and in everything. It's in everyone, animals, plants, rocks, streams, in the air, flames, weather, inanimate objects, and even situations. Chi is Life force, period.
psi, Prana, Ki, and Reiki are all different names for Chi.

Reiki has an exception. Reiki is channeled from Source, your Higher Self, God, etc. AND from all around you at the same time!

You don't even need to be attuned to channel Reiki energy. Just open up your crown chakra, ask your Higher Self for help and guidance, and see, feel, the Reiki energy flowing through your crown, through your arms, and out your palms.

You become attuned to Reiki so that you can channel it easily within seconds of thinking the word. Before thinking the words at times. Sometimes, I see someone who looks like they're doing very well, and all the sudden I feel the Reiki flowing out my palms :)

So start making Chi balls, and when you get good, charge it with healing energy. You can see the energy as red, green, or whatever color means healing to you.
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