Physical symptoms of ascension

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Physical symptoms of ascension

Post by Myst »

I send this information with love and understand that many who read this may not resonate to the message. I ask you to read with your heart as your guide and leave all behind that is not for you.

There are many changes occurring on the earth at this time as the planet and the inhabitants raise in consciousness/awareness. The changes are happening on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  The most common name for these symptoms is "ascension" symptoms. They are a symptom of a clearing out of old energies that  no longer serve the soul on its highest path and purpose, and a change in the body to a higher crystaline form.  For many, they are noticing the physical changes more and present symptoms that cannot be explained by medical science.

There are many signs of ascension(raising of consciousness), some of the most common and basic PHYSICAL symptoms are listed below:

* You will know that something is happening to your body. These will be energetic experiences that bring many subtle changes that are not otherwise explainable.

* Changes in digestion and appetite, fluctuating between inability to digest food to feeling hungry, strange food cravings, especially for fish, eggs, milk and other sources of protein.

* Fatigue and an increased need for sleep.

* General, all-over achiness as if one is coming down with something, but does not result in the expected illness (flu, etc.)

* Difficulty in focusing the eyes, especially when reading. This changes from day to day and is usually not a constant.

* Respiratory changes such as inability to inhale deeply, feeling out of breath for no reason and rapid heart rate that occurs intermittently.

* Pressure and/or pain in the head combined with symptoms of a head cold, usually shifting from one side to the other (this was very prevalent in mid-December, 2004). There may also be tooth and gum pain that can be severe but then subsides in a few days.

* Bowel disturbances - bowl purging (diarrhea) and/or constipation or a combination of the two, increased flatulence.

* Feeling spacey, disoriented and/or ungrounded.

* Weight gain, especially in women, and especially in the abdomen.

* Pain in any of the chakra areas (tailbone, below the navel or lower back, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead and crown of the head), especially upon waking.

*Hormonal fluctuations - These include a myriad of symptoms, including blood sugar fluctuations and sudden changes in body temperature. (Please see Living on the New Earth for further explanation of hormonal fluctuations).

Please note that these are some of the most common physical symptoms and they may certainly be symptoms of an illness that is not related to ascension. In most cases, the physical symptoms of ascension have no medical 'cause' and cannot usually be explained through allopathic medicine. However, please listen to your own inner guidance and seek a physician to rule out any physical causes for these symptoms and to set your mind at ease, when your heart tells you to.

There are many other ascension symptoms that I do not present here, as the physical is most often why people come here seeking reiki distance healing.

Reiki is especially helpful for ascension symptoms and I recommend everyone to be attuned to at least one modality to help themselves and others on this path.

Also, the more one is AWARE that this is going on and accepts the changes, the easier they will find the experience. The more one struggles or holds onto these old energies, the more symptoms they are likely to expereience.

Again, I release all atachment to your accepting what I present here and ask you to leave behind all that does not resonate for you.  ;)

Love and Peace,

EDIT: I just noticed that a list of symptoms has also been posted in "general chat" under 2012. I hope you will forgive me for my posting my list here. I was reading a posting in "distance healing" requesting healing for some illness that doctors could not help/diagnose/cure. It just reminded me of ascension, so I posted the list I have for physical symptoms here, directing the person to my list.

Anyway, I am very glad that this is being posted, however many times it is posted. I hope that more people will see this and begin to understand all the weird little quirky aches, pains, and lack of sleep that accompany this raising of consciousness, and that they are not hypochondriacs or going crazy.
Much love to all of you here at theholisticcare.

Love and Peace,
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Re: Physical symptoms of ascension

Post by hotice_steve »

Dear Erin,
No probs.
Very Thoughtful & Timely.
This will help many.
God Bless.

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Re: Physical symptoms of ascension

Post by readytolearn »

Hey Dear Erin,

Thanks for posting again, lol.  ;D ;D
It doesn't matter on how many times posted, we still are helping others out.  How are you dear one, I can say that you are truly missed.  I know you are busy though as we all are. :D

Take care,


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Re: Physical symptoms of ascension

Post by Saille »

Tashi delek,

After stumbling upon this post I was so excited, and thank you.

It is now 2011 (feels like some of this wisdom is so relevant yet dated as if it were a time capsule, doesn't it?). The Shifts of energy being sent by Source to help us elevate the vibratory rates of our energies has completed. The lessons we chose not to learn/heal/resolve are now being shown to us in ways we can not ignore, since the lessons we have remaining are now much more stark and so difficult to replay that we must make the choice to either release our dense energies and patterns, or stop our own spiritual progress.

For those who have chosen to halt their progress where they are, we must honor their choices, however difficult it is when they are those we love. For those who are continuing our paths of ascension, we struggle to release and heal, and we leave some people back to find others who resonate at their level, even as we move higher and find new partnerships at the levels we're at.

What we're experiencing now are Surges. These Source-sent Surges are much more powerful than Shifts, and work directly on every level of our being, including our DNA.

The Earth, Gaia, is ascending as well. We're now shifting out of the previous age, corresponding to Manipura (solar plexus chakra, and into Anahata (the heart chakra). From the greed and technological race, the outer grab for anything external to define us, and into the love, compassion, empathy, and more spiritual vibrancy. The Earth has a heartbeat. Spiritualits know this. What science now knows is that Her heartbeat is slowing down, expected to stop at, yes, 12/21/12. But as Her heartbeat slows, her vibrator rate is increasing. So, to enter into the new age, we are striving to keep up with the Earth's frequency. It's called Schumann's Resonance.

As we ascend, I'd like to add a few symptoms to Erin's list.

1. Insomnia
2. Vivid dreams, and lucid dreaming during which time people receive informations, patterns, colors, sometimes in languages we don't know or understand.
3. Ear ringing. This ringing is our cellular changes corresponding to the increase in vibratory rates. The ringing is how our brains interpret these changes.
4. An increased need for water. Charging our water with Reiki also helps to bring it more life-force, since our water is no longer pure.
5. Dry skin. Our bodies may like the changes, but changes of this nature are stressful to the physical body, and rehydryation is critical. We get parched easier because we get dehydrated easier. It's like moving to a much higher altitude (pun intended).
6. Visual sensitivity/audial sensitivity. This can actually affect all the physical senses, but is most typical for sight and hearing sensitivity. Our nervous system is undergoing tremendous changes now. You may find bright sunlight to be painful, colors to seem more bright, to crave nighttime more, and for all noises (especially man-made) to feel intolerable.
7. Sensitivity to anything negative. People you used to find amusing may now seem to be very negative and you don't like to be around them (this is because you can't hold dense, lower energies the way you could before). You may find you don't like loud or dissonant music. Television may upset you (and probably should). You no longer vibrate at a rate at which the "old you" found enjoyment. Find new, higher and more elevating things to do.
8. You now have empathic abilities, or your already existing empathic skills change in some way. Higher vibratory rates mean you can pick up on others' feelings much more easily. It can feel like a cacophony, and changing your lifestyle to avoid crowds is helpful. If you suddenly no longer seem to have your empathic skills, you'll find that if you meditate and observe carefully, you're actually developing deeper empathic skills of "sensing" people and things at a more cellular level, or you're being guided to work on a global level instead of with individuals.
9. Constant congestion. Your body is trying to rid itself of toxins that used to be quite easy to manage. Try to detox, eat natural foods, and stop eating meat (animals usually live lives of suffering and are die in agony and terror--taking in this energy to sustain life does not make sense).
10. You may suddenly "hear voices," or spiritual Guides. Your existing Guides may change. And for some, their Guides may seem to disappear. (This may happen so that you can learn to stretch your wings, so to speak, and trust/grow without training wheels.

I, too, hope that people who may read this take what they need, and leave the rest behind. The path is unique because we are all unique.


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Re: Physical symptoms of ascension

Post by SarahsSoul »

Thank u both for your comprehensive lists! Just when I was beginning to think I was going crazy from these physical health hinderances I now realize why they are there. It makes perfect sense, our bodies undergoing the stresses of transformation to a higher vibration. This thread has really helped me a lot and given me some support knowing others may be experiencing them too. :wD many thanks

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