Opening the root chakra?

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Opening the root chakra?

Post by Moraden » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:13 am

Today for some odd reason I seemed to have been able to open my chakras, I sat half lotus hands folded chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, I felt a stretch in my throat and a small pulsing tingle. I then focused on my for head and stoles chanting, and the thought accurd, "I see" and I felt an opening like a circle in my forehead and the pulsing tingle connected to my throat. I then focused on my heart best and thought of my girl friend, the emotion of love. And it connected then I simple thought, "I think" and felt the solar plexus. I thought of sexual lust and the sacral felt good. But the root I felt nothing, but I thought "I understand" and my crown opening scared cause from all corners of my hearing it sounded like a low very distant enormous trumpet, the "Om". but it was faint and distant... I fallowed the strange visual patterns forming vary vague like electric signals or something. But I couldnt open the root... Idk why today I opened them like that, I have never had such success before.
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Re: Opening the root chakra?

Post by hotice_steve » Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:39 am

Dear Patrick,
Liked your technique.
Only one change I suggest when you try it next time. When you focus on the Heart center instead of bringing your girlfriend into picture bring Mother Earth.(not that the former was bad, the latter even better as the Love there is unconditional & universal) You will notice a great shift in your consciousness.
Now About the Root Chakra.
Actually its already active when one is born otherwise one cannot be alive for long. The Animals have evolved up till the Root Chakra hence their survival instincts and responses to natural changes. Human have evolved much further, hence the Root Chakra is not very evident. Rest assured its always active. Arousal of Kundalini Shakti from there is a different matter in its self.
Thanks for the share & Blessings.
Reiki, Love & Light

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