Thoughts about protections during Reiki sessions ...

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Thoughts about protections during Reiki sessions ...

Post by loveangels » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:31 pm

Well, I personally don't feel added protections are necessary. I don't feel at risk of being contaminated at all. I feel like a channel and with the ultimate love force running through me, I honestly do not fear any thing getting stuck to me.

I believe that if I think anything can get stuck to my aura or something, I am automatically moving away from the divine conscious. I'm saying good is weaker than bad, life force is weak because it can't protect me from some blocked emotions (for example) of somebody else. I automatically give "bad" power and weaken my faith towards what is good, to love, to the divine sorce, to God or Goddess, which ever form you feel more comfortably with.

With reiki, ie. love, divine source, etc. running through me I shall not fear, because it is love and love is stronger than any darkness that can come near to me. Light shines where there is darkness and the darness disappears.

Light workers are always connected to the divine source, to Reiki, therefore, when somebody who has a lower vibration to us needs of light, he will not take our light, the person will feed form the universal light automatically because we are always connected to Reiki. Reiki automatically starts flowing.

By the most, what i do is a grounding exercise, which is seeing reiki flow through my crown chakra and lighting up all chakras, then the light grows until i'm in a big sphere of light about a meter or more out of my body, then the beam of light that goes through all my chakras goes down to mother earth, straight down to the center core, lightens up more intens then comes back up to me, intensifying my sphere and lighting up all my chakras and beaming up again to the sun.

I do this grounding exercise if i feel in an uncomfortable situation, which this occurs out of reiki sessions and as my grounding for a normal reiki session. If you call this protection than I'm protecting myself this way, but I don't specifically call upon protection because reiki already is protection.
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Re: Thoughts about protections during Reiki sessions ...

Post by DanilaReiki » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:47 pm

Thank you friend, sounds interesting what you said.. :F0
I'll try you grounding exercise when I feel a bit nervous or anxious without any apparent reason....
Love and light :Lv

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