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Pranic Healing

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:11 pm
by mohan
Pranic Healing

Those who practise Pranayama, can impart their Prana for healing morbid diseases. They can also recharge themselves with Prana in no time by practising Kumbhaka. Never think that you will be depleted of your Prana by distributing it to others.
The more you will give, the more it will flow to you from the cosmic source (Hiranyagarbha). That is the law of Nature. Do not become a niggard. If there is a rheumatic patient,
gently shampoo his legs with your hands.
When you do shampooing (massage),
do Kumbhaka and imagine that the Prana is flowing from your hands towards your patient. Connect yourself with Hiranyagarbha or the cosmic Prana and
imagine that the cosmic energy is flowing through your hands towards the patient.
The patient will at once feel warmth, relief and strength.

You can cure headache, intestinal colic or any other disease by massage and by your magnetic touch.
When you massage the liver, spleen, stomach or any other portion or organ of the body you can speak to the cells and give them orders:—

“O cells! Discharge your functions properly.
I command you to do so.”

They will obey your orders. They too have got subconscious intelligence.
Repeat your Mantra when you pass your Prana to others. Try a few cases. You will gain competence. You can cure scorpion-sting also. Gently shampoo the leg and bring the poison down.
You can have extraordinary power of concentration, strong will and a perfectly healthy, strong body by practising Pranayama regularly. You will have to direct the Prana consciously to unhealthy parts of the body.
Suppose you have a sluggish liver.
Sit on Padmasana.
Close your eyes.
Do Sukha Purvaka Pranayama.
Direct the Prana to the region of the liver.
Concentrate your mind there.
Fix your attention to that area.
Imagine that Prana is interpenetrating all the tissues and the cells of the lobes of the liver and doing its curative, regenerating and constructive work there.
Faith, imagination, attention and interest play a very important part in curing diseases by taking Prana to the diseased areas.
During exhalation imagine that the morbid impurities of the liver are thrown out.
Repeat this process 12 times in the morning and 12 times in the evening.
Sluggishness of liver will vanish in a few days.

This is a drugless treatment. This is nature-cure. You can take the Prana to any part of the body during the Pranayama and cure any kind of disease, be it acute or chronic. Try once or twice in healing yourself. Your convictions will grow stronger. Why do you cry like the lady who is crying for ghee when she has butter in her hand, when you have a cheap, potent, easily available remedy or agent ‘Prana’ at your command at all times! Use it judiciously. When you advance in your concentration and practice, you can cure many diseases by mere touch. In the advanced stages, many diseases are cured by mere will.

Distant Healing

This is known as “absent treatment” also. You can transmit Prana through space to your friend who is living at a distance. He should have a receptive mental attitude. You must feel yourself en rapport (in direct relation and in sympathy) with the people whom you heal with this Distant Healing method.
You can fix hours of appointment with them through correspondence. You can write to them: “Get ready at 8 p.m. Have a receptive mental attitude. Lie down in an easy-chair. Close your eyes. I shall transmit my Prana”.
Say mentally to the patient,
‘I am transmitting a supply of Prana (vital force)’.
Do Kumbhaka when you send the Prana.
Practise rhythmical breathing also.
Have a mental image that the Prana is leaving your mind, passing through space, and is entering the system of the patient.
The Prana travels unseen like the wireless (radio) waves and flashes like lightning across space.
The Prana that is coloured by the thought of the healer is projected outside.

You can re-charge yourself with Prana by practising Kumbhaka.
This requires long, steady and regular practice.

Courtesy- Sri Swami Sivananda - The Divine Life Society

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:00 pm
by Nir_dhanak
Dear mohan ji,
i have intrest in this type of healing... I would like to learn new things related to pranic healing.

Thank u
love & light to all

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:02 am
by pradeep_shaktawat

Respected Mohan ji....I Have Some Doubts About Kumbhak
As You Mentioned That One can Regain Prana By Kumbhak......So Which Kumbhak???? Antah...Baahya..or Both???


Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:58 pm
by Moraden
what is pranayama exactly?

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:04 am
by mohan
what is pranayama exactly?
It is already well written on the forum and main web. Kindly take time to browse. ... m.php?f=25

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:28 pm
Dear Mohanji,
Is there any attunement for pranic healing? Is there any side effects for this? Is it better than reiki?

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:15 am
by hotice_steve
Dear Jobial,
Never get into the mental trap of comparing healing modalities. Everything depends on you. Each modality has its own advantages.
There is no attunement for Pranic Healing. It needs more regular practice than Reiki one can say but highly effective. But a Master initiation & presence while teaching always helps.
To add .....
Pranayama is mentioned as a great adjuvant to impart Prana or Life Force. No substitute for that.

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:34 pm
by angelicdiamond
JOBIAL ALEX wrote:Dear Mohanji,
Is there any attunement for pranic healing? Is there any side effects for this? Is it better than reiki?
This is more like regular life-force healing that anyone can do. There are tons of simple energy healing techniques, and this is merely one of them. The Chi ball technique is the most common, though. You can also send healing light from your palms and heart chakra for a few minutes, and that literally works miracles. I've seen its effects, personally. A cool chi-based healing technique is to imagine a person in your hands, and send healing-programmed energy to the person and fill them with it with the intention of healing them FROM something. The only way you can go wrong with chi-based healing is if you send chi (life force) to the AILMENT because you didn't hold your intention to heal FROM it! I've heard of this happening, and it's likely. You just have to hold your intention :)

Highest Blessings!

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:26 pm
Dear Wes and Stephenji,
Thank you very much.

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:29 am
by Saille
Namaste, Mohan ji, and to everyone at THC. I'm hoping this post will draw attention to people to see this post on Pranic healing and it's vital importance.

Breath is all. It is All. With each breath, we have the opportunity to breathe in the Prana of the Universe and everything in it. And to utilize that in our bodies, our minds, our spirits, yes. But we can focus on that Prana and consciously merge it with our own, then breathe it out to the Universe, consciously and with intention to heal everyone. Everything. Past, present, and future.

Please read--and re-read--Mohan ji's post and let's get this party started, my darling folkses! Try some the techniques, and post your results, your questions, your challenges. Go to the Sphere and try merging your prana with that of every energy inside the Sphere.

Play. Play with intention. This is what we're here for. This is why you--yes, you--were drawn to this site.

Be the peace you seek.

Re: Pranic Healing

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:32 am
by Saille
Namaste, and well said, Wes!

Miraculous, indeed. My wish for all of humanity is that we learn that we're not only capable of creating miracles, but that we need to remember what the ancients knew--that miracles SHOULD be a part of every waking moment.

Be the peace you seek.