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Re: "A Question & A Poll"

Post by Saille » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:26 pm

Thanks, Stephen! :F0

Priya, you cannot change your mother. No one can change another human being. We can give to them, but it is up to them to accept it, and this includes Reiki. Of course, I do not believe in doing a healing without another's permission. It is a spiritual violation, unless they are literally incapable of understanding or hearing your request to help.

What you CAN do, Priya, is to change your self. Realize that you can't help her in ways that you think you can do, since she won't accept your offer. This also means that if you sent her a healing, she would instinctively reject it. Not good. So it defeats the point of sending energy that isn't accepted.

What you cal also do is to Reiki her home. Reiki her pets. Lol, you can Reiki her dishes and her broom, and whatever else you think of, for that matter.

You can also learn to live in a state of peace, of acceptance of all things. This is a life-long process, not one quickie event. Keep that in mind, please. But eventually she'll look at you and realize that you have something she doesn't. She can do with that what she wants. She can resent you for it, or she can wonder why you're calm and smiling and serene when you used to be so full of worry. And that can lead to conversations that come from the heart. Let her then come to you. In her own way. In her own time. That's the other challenge for you, to let her live her own path and accept that it's her path. That's why it's HER path, not yours. Your path is to accept that. Which, frankly, sucks at times. ::) :D >:(

The next time I'm having problems at work or with my stubborn son, I'll let you know and you can remind me of the same things! ;D

Be the peace you seek. And Namaste!
Be the peace you seek. For in becoming Light, you become the peace of the universe; in this way, you help all. ~Namaste~

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Re: "A Question & A Poll"

Post by pradeep_shaktawat » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:11 am

I am not the Body
I am the Soul.....

"अहम् ब्रह्मास्मी"
डॉ. प्रदीप सिंह शक्तावत

"First Do, Then Talk"

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