Before requesting for the attunements

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Before requesting for the attunements

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before requesting for the attunements
kindly read,

What are attunements?
General Guidelines for attunements.
Thank you.

Request Format For Mass Attunements

Age (approximately) :
(e.g. City & Country)

Have you introduced yourself at the forum?

Have you completed requisite study for the attunement?
(study the manuals thoroughly)

Attunement Style and level:
(Kindly Submit only one request at
a time go step by step, after attuning
to level 1 request for level 2).

Why are you interested in attunements?
(These energy system comes from Divine Source.
It deserves highest respect and honor. Your answer
helps us to know how serious you are about the

Additional information:
(Comments-If you have already attuned to any Reiki modality, kindly write down your experience with this energy)

You will have to send distant healing to Holistic Light Sphere and at least two Healing Request at THC and feedback them regularly. if, ok then only submit the post.

Please note that advanced and private training in Reiki & Healing will be offered at a personal level with Chat/Voice support at a very nominal cost. Reiki Master Course/Training
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