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Surya Namaskar

Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arms Pose)

Surya Namaskara11

Body Posture

Inhale and stretch up in a standing pose with your arms up and bend backwards

This is the same as posture number 2

Associated Mantra

Aum Ravaye Namah (Om Rah-vay-yay na-mah-hay):

Salutations to Ravi, the bestower of radiance.

You can use the Bija Mantra: "Om Hreem" as an alternate when practicing more rapidly.


Concentrate on Vishuddha - The 'Throat' Chakra.

Imagine that your body is very strong and flexible - like a tall tree swaying in the breeze.

Specific Health Benefits

Promotes balance.

Expands the abdominal viscera and promotes digestion.

Exercises the arm and shoulder muscles and tones the spine.

Expands the lungs and opens the Heart Chakra.


Surya Namaskara Sun Salutation12

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