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Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of devotion. Bhaki Yoga teaches a person to have a devotion to God and all things through devotion to life and love.

The Sanskrit word 'bhakti' comes from the Sanskrit root 'bhaja' - 'to adore, love, serve.' Therefore 'bhakti' is the state of love, compassion and service; 'bhakti yoga' is the path of Yoga which awakens Bhakti within us. A person who feels Bhakti is called a 'bhakta'.

Bhakta sees the divinity in everyone and everything he comes across. This lead bhakta to develop love, acceptance and tolerance for all. Bhakta can achieve pure love of God by following primary activities of bhakti as follows,

Hearing about the Lord - singing & chanting God's names, hearing stories from scripture.

Glorifying the Lord - describing God's all-attractive features.

Remembering the Lord - internal meditation on the Lord's form, activities, names or personality.

Serving the lotus feet of the Lord - providing a form of physical service.

Worshiping the Lord - deity worship.

Surrendering everything unto the Lord - surrendering one's thoughts, actions and deeds to God.

When the Bhakta is blessed by divine grace he feels an undivided union and non-dual consciousness prevails. Bhakti yoga is generally regarded as the easiest  paths to liberation, or moksha or salvation.


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