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Exercise balls can be used for general exercises as well as for yoga and therapeutic exercises. When Exercise balls are used in yoga it is called as yoga ball exercise. Yoga ball is so effective in strengthening the core stability of muscles.  


Yoga ball exercises improve and maintain excellent flexibility. Yoga balls make yoga session more enjoyable and more beneficial Whether you do yoga for exercise, to relieve stress, or both, you'll get more out of it if you relax.


Benefits of Yoga ball

Strengthen and tone core muscles Increase flexibility and balance Loosen stiff joints and relieve tension Stretch and strengthen your back


Medicine exercise balls- Medicine ball is also called as med ball, or fitness ball is a heavy ball, roughly the size of a volleyball or a basketball.

Pilates Exercise Ball- When Exercise balls are used in Pilates it is called as Pilates exercise ball.

Yoga Exercise Ball- When Exercise balls are used in yoga it is called as yoga ball exercise.

Some of  the popular Fitness ball exercises workouts

Exercise ball - Swiss ball gym ball fit fitness ball stability ball therapy balance ball
Exercise Ball Workout
Medicine Ball - med ball - fitness ball
Pilates exercise ball
Yoga exercise ball
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