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'Makara' means 'Crocodile'. While doing this Asana body resembles the shape of 'crocodile', hence it is known as Makarasana. It is also considered a relaxative Asana like Savasana. Makarasana increases the heat of the body.

There are two versions of Makarasana practiced in (1) prone position and (2) supine position.

Makarasana: supine position

Position of Readiness

Lie down on your back. Keep the whole body loose and in a straight position. Palms can on the floor. Do not use any pillow under your head. Keep your eyes gently closed with the facial muscles relaxed and breathe deeply and slowly through the nostrils.


 Slowly spread both the hands in line with shoulders, palm resting on the ground.

 Place your right heel in between the big toe and second toe of the left foot.

 Bring both the feet to your left side till right toe touches the ground.

 Take your head and neck towards right side it is the complete position of Asana.

 Be in this pose for one minute.

 Now repeat the same on other side except position of head and neck will go towards the opposite direction.



It also maintains flexibility of Backbone and gives exercise to the nerves attached to the spine and very useful in Lumber spondylitis and Sciatica Problem

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