Introductions/ more information about Mohan?

Here you can introduce yourself, and know about our other members.
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Introductions/ more information about Mohan?

Post by JPShepard »

Hello Mohan,
      I am John Shepard.  I am currently experiencing Kundalini awakening type symptoms.  I am really interested in Kundalini Reiki to help facilitate this awakening and to help others.  I was wondering if you had a website or a post that introduced you.  Do you?  Well, I just wanted to read more about you and your style of reiki.  Thanks for the great service. 
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Re: Introductions/ more information about Mohan?

Post by jean100 »

Dear Master Mohan,
It’s Jean Fleming. You initiated me in Reiki system 2 years before.
Thanks very much. Well, I would also like to know more about you.
Kindly let me too know if you have any post introducing you.
Thank you so very much Master.
God bless you.
Deepest Respect,
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Re: Introductions/ more information about Mohan?

Post by mohan »

I generally avoid talking about me, but I get a lot of mails and pm’s showing curiosity about me. So, kindly find a brief intro of mine. 

I am an explorer of my consciousness.
Mohan Chute, M.D. (Alt. Medicine).
Gender- Male
Age- 28
Residing area- Maharashtra, India.

I am a software programmer, a healer, Reiki grand master in many healing modalities/ esoteric energy systems, Hypnotic regressologiest, yoga expert etc…

I think energy healing modalities like reiki should not be monopoly of a few individuals, but available to everyone who wants to learn. So as a whole new universe of (spiritual) advancement will be opened to everyone so as everyone can live life more fully and can access the vast ocean of energy.

Though, Subtle energies and energy medicines is now becoming more accepted into mainstream and no longer be an alternative subject. But still this is beginning and there is a lot of scope for research on the subtle energy phenomena.
So it is my effort to research on subtle energies for therapeutic purposes and for the study of human potential to explore the depths of the human psyche including distant healing and intentionality.

Well this is a brief intro of mine.
if you want to know more, kindly PM me.
Regards with love and light,
Mohan  :D
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Re: Introductions/ more information about Mohan?

Post by vprnair222 »

Hello Friends and Namaste to Mohanji,
I am VPR Nair from India.I am new to this forum and very much intrested to learn Reiki  I feel lucky that I could find a forum to discus the subject and exchange the views on Reiki with other members.I have just downloaded the "level one manual by Peggy Jentoft".I planning to read the manual before I apply for the attunement.I am sure that I will be able learn and practice Reiki and help others who are need of reiki blessings as helping others will also enhance my knoweldge and skill.I appreciate and salute Master Mohanji for his contributions to the forum and to his free attnuement offer.God bless him and reiki.
                          'Loka samasta sukhino bhavanthu"
Warm Regards