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Re: come on people! !

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Hello Saille!
Glad you ask :) I fall asleep while it is flowing almost every night :lZ My crystal master teacher says that to facilitate a deeper level of healing, it is to important to get the brain to state of alpha and sometimes theta brain waves. I did a crystal/reiki session on my grandma on my new comfy massage table and when I was done I asked her to gently open her eyes, that her session was done and rise when she was comfortable. After a few minutes, she did not move and I for sure thought she fell asleep. Five minutes passed, I tried again waking her gently and nothing. Finally I spoke a bit louder and shut off the music and she awoke and said she was awake the whole time and could hear everything! This leads me to believe (either she really was taking her time and relaxing) or she had reached a somewhat hypnotized state of theta, as her eyes were a bit glazed and she seemed groggy. I gave her extra time to ground and realized she was the perfect example of how important and necessary it is for us to receive healing that transcends the conscious mind and goes beyond our normal 'reality' based thinking.

After a session I put together my 'crystal prescription' and discuss what my findings were with their energy and what steps they can take to help balance it in certain areas. If I'm called to, I will put together a special reiki charged, crystal 'medicine bag' a combination of crystals that work together on a certain ailment, with an affirmation for them to carry or keep near them for a week, to help with whatever it is they asked for. Then they have an opportunity to report back to me on any changes and I can adjust it if need be. I have only done this for family so far. I'm waiting to hear how my grandma's 'grounding' medicine bag is working out for her. ;) Actually I kept sensing there was a blockage near her sacral/root chakras as if the energy could not flow down and out the legs into the ground (which is causing physical pain in hips) so I kept running reiki to get flowing out and down. Interestingly, before the session she stated that she felt like she just wanted the pain to move down and out her legs and feet!
(It is important not to disclose personal information from sessions with others, but she said it was fine if I share this)

While running Reiki (I always use my intuition to know where to place my hands) I place my crystals on the corresponding chakras, sometimes only a few, sometimes I do a full body layout. I usually listen to meditations during and fall asleep instantaneously only to wake up with a crystal jabbing me from rolling over haha oopsie! :o

I have always been attracted to crystals, ever since I can remember when I was about 7 I bought my first amethyst that I still have today. My collection is ever growing and I choose carefully which to work with, which to heal others with, and which to use to make art/crystal tree sculptures to sell. :Lv
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