Great Yogis

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Great Yogis
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1. Sadasiva Brahman

Sri Sadasiva Brahman was a reputed yogi who lived in Nerur, near Karur, in the Trichinopolly district about 120 years ago. He authored Atma Vilas, Brahma Sutras, and various other works.

  • Astonishing Samadhi: Once, while in Samadhi, floods from the Cauvery River covered him with mud. His body remained buried for months until farmers tilled the land, injuring his head. Blood oozed out, astonishing the farmers who dug him out. Sadasiva Brahman emerged from Samadhi and walked away.
  • Divine Protection: When some rude people came to beat him, they found themselves unable to move, like statues.
  • Miraculous Healing: He once entered the Zenana of a Nawab naked, and the enraged Nawab cut off his hand. Sadasiva Brahman laughed and walked away. The Nawab, realizing his mistake, sought forgiveness. Sadasiva Brahman touched the cut portion, and a new hand appeared.

2. Jnanadev

Sri Jnanadev, also known as Jnaneswar, is regarded as one of the greatest yogis the world has ever seen. He was born in Alandi, near Poona, where his Samadhi is still revered.

  • Miraculous Powers: As a boy, he touched a buffalo, and it recited the Vedas. His sister prepared bread on his back when there was no vessel available.
  • Prolific Writer: At the age of 14, he began writing a commentary on the Gita, which is considered one of the best. He was chosen as President in a big assembly of Sanskrit Pandits in Benares.

3. Trilinga Swami

Sri Trilinga Swami of Benares, born in Andhra Desa, lived for 280 years and performed Tapas at Manasarovar (Tibet).

  • Remarkable Feats: He distributed free milk to the poor and lived underwater in the Ganga for six months. He once caught and threw the Governor's sword into the Ganges and retrieved two identical swords.
  • Extreme Endurance: When mischief-makers poured lime-water into his mouth, he expelled it through his anus by performing Sang Pachar Kriya.

4. Gorakhnath

Sri Gorakhnath was a great yogi like Sri Jnanadev of Alandi.

  • Divine Birth and Training: Born to a Brahmin couple after Yogi Matsyendranath's blessing, Gorakhnath performed 12 years of Tapas at Badrinarayan and gained tremendous Siddhis.
  • Miraculous Acts: He made a toy child out of clay, turned a mountain portion into gold, and performed Akasagamanam (walking in the sky).

5. Swami Krishna Ashram

Swami Krishna Ashram is a living saint at Daroli village, 14 miles below Gangotri. He has been living there nude for the last eight years in an icy region.

  • Endurance and Devotion: He withstood severe pain from biting flies and drank scalding hot dhal poured on his hands without flinching. His friend, Bhuma Ashram, also lives in a nude state nearby.

6. Yogi Bhusunda

Yogi Bhusunda is one of the Chiranjivis among yogins and a master in the science of Pranayama.

  • Remarkable Resilience: He lived in a nest on the southern branch of the Kalpa Vriksha on the Mahameru. He could sit in Samadhi for any length of time and had supreme knowledge of the five Dharanas.
  • Elemental Mastery: He rendered himself proof against the five elements and could reach Akasa, through various Dharanas.

7. Tirumula Nayanar

Tirumula Nayanar was a great yogi in Kailas with all the eight major Siddhis.

  • Compassionate Acts: He entered the dead body of a cowherd to care for the cows and later wrote Tirumantram, a Tamil book of 3000 verses, under an Asvattha tree at Avaduturai.

8. Mansoor

Mansoor, a Sufist Brahma-Jnani from Persia, was known for his constant utterance of “Anal-haq” (I am the Truth).

  • Martyrdom and Miracles: When ordered to be cut into pieces for alleged atheism, his flesh and even ashes continued to utter “Anal-haq,” showcasing his identification with Brahman and detachment from bodily pain.

9. Milarepa

Milarepa was profoundly aware of the transient nature of worldly existence and sought Nirvana with unwavering determination.

  • Supernatural Powers: He could fly, produce fire and water from his body, and transform his body at will. He dominated gods and elementals and could project his subtle body to preside over twenty-four holy places simultaneously.

10. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was renowned for his extraordinary concentration and discipline.

  • Concentration as Power: Despite suffering from various diseases, his ability to concentrate allowed him to achieve great success. He could sleep and wake at will, demonstrating his control over his mind.

11. Teachings of Kabir

Kabir, a mystical poet, emphasized the importance of a pure mind.

  • Mind over Matter: When criticized for tying a pig outside his house, Kabir retorted that the critic had tied the pig to his mind, highlighting the importance of mental purity over external appearances.

12. A Sham Latin Scholar

A man who learned only the superficial aspects of Latin believed he was proficient.

  • Superficial Learning: By adding ‘o’ to English words, he thought he was speaking Latin, illustrating the futility of shallow learning. True mastery of Yoga and Vedanta requires deep, prolonged study under a Guru.

13. Story of an Aspirant

An aspirant sought spiritual progress by wandering from one teacher to another.

  • Perseverance and Patience: Despite initial setbacks, he eventually performed Tapas with sincerity, attracting a true Guru who initiated him into the deeper mysteries of Yoga.

14. Other Yogins

Yogis achieve control over their bodies and minds through various practices.

  • Demonstrations of Mastery: One Swami in London stopped his heart before the King, impressing many physicians present. This control exemplifies the remarkable capabilities developed through disciplined yogic practice.

Remember the lives of great men daily. By doing so, you will advance on the spiritual path, drawing inspiration and guidance from their remarkable journeys and teachings.

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