Power of Yogi - Major Minor Siddhis

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Power of Yogi - Major Minor Siddhis
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Embarking on the path of Kundalini Yoga transforms a dedicated yogi into an extraordinary being with remarkable powers. These powers, known as Siddhis, are divided into eight major Siddhis and several minor Siddhis. Here, we delve into the profound capabilities that a Purnayogi (an accomplished yogi) acquires:

Major Siddhis

  1. Anima: The ability to become as minute as desired.
  2. Mahima: The capacity to enlarge oneself to immense proportions, filling the entire universe.
  3. Laghima: The power to become as light as a feather, enabling the yogi to travel through the sky at incredible speeds.
  4. Garima: The opposite of Laghima, allowing the yogi to become exceedingly heavy, like a mountain.
  5. Prapti: The skill to reach and touch the highest objects and achieve desired outcomes, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing abilities.
  6. Prakamya: The proficiency to dive into water and emerge at will, make oneself invisible, or enter another body.
  7. Vasitvam: The power to control and mesmerize beings and elements, taming wild animals and influencing others.
  8. Ishitvam: Divine power, granting the yogi lordship over the universe and the ability to restore life to the dead.

Minor Siddhis

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Immunity to heat and cold
  • Detachment from likes and dislikes (Raga-Dvesha)
  • Clairvoyance (Doora Darshan)
  • Clairaudience (Doora Sravan)
  • Mind control (Mano-Jaya)
  • Shape-shifting (Kama Rupa)
  • Soul transfer (Parakaya Pravesha)
  • Willful death (Iccha-Mrityu)
  • Interaction with deities (Devanam Saha Kreeda)
  • Manifesting desires (Yatha Sankalpa)
  • Knowledge of past, present, and future (Trikala-Jnana)
  • Transcendence of opposites (Advandva)
  • Speech prophecy (Vak-Siddhi)
  • Transmutation of metals into gold
  • Multiple bodies creation (Kaya-Vyuha)
  • Jumping like a frog (Darduri-Siddhi)
  • Mastery over desires (Patala-Siddhi)
  • Awareness of past lives
  • Astronomical knowledge
  • Perceiving other Siddhas
  • Elemental mastery (Bhuta Jaya)
  • Prana mastery (Prana Jaya)
  • Unlimited mobility (Kamachari)
  • Omnipotence and omniscience (Vayu-Siddhi)
  • Hidden treasure detection

Power of a Yogi

A Yogi forgets the body to concentrate the mind on the Divine. By mastering breath control and the nervous system, the yogi can:

  • Conquer heat and cold through Bhastrika Pranayama.
  • Generate psychic heat to bear extreme climates.
  • Dry wet sheets with body heat.
  • Cremate their body with Yogic heat at life's end.

Instructions on Siddhis

  1. Hatha Yoga Perfection: Attaining beauty, strength, and adamantine hardness in the body.
  2. One-pointed Mind: Achieving firm, single-pointed concentration through Dharana and Dhyana.
  3. Concentration on Chakras: Powers depend on the concentration level on different Chakras and Tattvas.
  4. Practice Variety: Siddhis can be attained through Mudras, Bandhas, Asanas, Pranayamas, and concentration on Chakras.
  5. Real Yogi's Aim: Ignoring minor Siddhis as unreal and aspiring for the highest spiritual goals.
  6. Faith and Sincerity: Essential for success in acquiring Siddhis and progressing spiritually.

In conclusion, the journey of a yogi is profound, marked by the acquisition of Siddhis that not only illustrate the depth of their practice but also their devotion to the Divine. These powers are but milestones on the path to ultimate self-realization and spiritual enlightenment.

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