6 Tips for Using Reiki to Enhance Surgery Outcomes

9 January 2023 by
Editorial team

Reiki is a powerful method for supporting the mind and body before, during and after surgery. By administering Reiki, you can help prepare the mind and body for the procedure, alleviate pain, decrease stress, and promote relaxation and faster healing. Here are six tips to help you use Reiki to prepare for and recover from surgery quickly and completely.

Tip #1: Start daily Reiki sessions at least one week before surgery. Reiki is most effective when it has time to build up in the body.

Tip #2: Divide your Reiki session time between problem areas and non-problem areas. Aim for 5-7 minutes on problem areas and 2-3 minutes on non-problem areas.

Tip #3: If you're Reiki II or higher, use Reiki mental and emotional treatments to visualize a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Tip #4: During surgery, give Reiki hands-off treatment if you're able to be present, or use Reiki distance treatment if you're not. You can also administer a group distance treatment to the surgical team.

Tip #5: Continue Reiki sessions after surgery to support healing and recovery.

Tip #6: Communicate with your healthcare provider about your use of Reiki, and ensure it is safe to use alongside any other treatments you may be receiving.

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