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aurveda-therapies Ayurved is the most ancient Medical Science that has originated in the land of India. It has emerged through the Vedic Philosophy and is begin used to cure a number of diseases since thousand of years. More then a medical science, it is a lifestyle that builds a healthy mind and body. the explicit description about daily & seasonal regimen in classic texts helps to achieve a healthy life. A disease according to Ayurved is an imbalance of doshas (Biological humors / body constituents) and it's treatment is to reestablish their balance. True enjoyment is possible only where there is true health. Either you can willingly limit yourself or nature will limit you. Disease is nature’s way of forcing you to slow down and rest. Ayurveda eliminates toxins, purifies the body, balances and rejuvenates, Ayurvedic massage empowers the immune system, preventing new diseases from developing. For Ayurveda Franchise Opportunity Ayurveda Franchise Business Opportunity Panchakarma - What is it? Panchakarma is a form of treatment in ayurveda where instead of oral medication, treatment is done by using various procedures like massage, steam, medicated enemas etc. This treatment constitutes of five basic forms of treatment each of which is called as a karma, hence the name pancha-karma where pancha indicates five. Panchakarma is the ultimate therapy for the mind and body, a deep detoxifying and healing experience, strengthening the immune system, restoring balance and well-being to body and mind. Developed thousands of years ago in India, it is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when you feel out of balance or experiencing illness panchakarma1During the first few days the toxins are loosened up with a massage called Abhyangam a warm herbal oil massage. This therapy is used to heat the body and open the body's circulation channels, it also relaxes the body releasing tension and allowing toxins to flow more easily from the tissues for elimination.Panchakarma - The process
  • This is followed by a deep cleansing combination of Ela-khizi a highly effective massage treatment which shatters any blockages in the blood and lymphatic circulation, cleanses channels, increases circulation, eliminates wastes and toxins through perspiration. It is also a traditional herbal massage treatment for stiffness, body pain, back pain, arthritis and sports injuries etc. Nasayam a facial massage that gently cleanses the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. This process uses pure herbal oils to improve the flow of life energy and help you breathe more freely. It is also a wonderfully effective treatment for sufferers of migraine or sinusitis. Virechana a herbal powder to clean and dislodge any toxic residue in your intestines
  • And finally Shirodhara the head, shoulders and whole body is massaged, this is followed by the pouring of medicated oil on the forehead in a rhythmic pattern, which loosen's up the toxins in the mind. It is a marvelous treatment for balancing and releasing stored emotions, relieves anxiety, stress and mental exhaustion. It is also a wonderful treatment for headaches, excessive thinking and sleeping disorders like insomnia etc. After a Shirodhara treatment, most people notice a marked reduction in stress and anxiety; with many reporting a calming of emotions, improved sleep, deep relaxation and a temporary blissful state.
  • AYURVEDA SERVICES  We offer the Ayurveda treatments of ailments along with maintain of health, life style in traditional way through our Healing Centers worldwide. The ayurvedic package are designed by ayurvedic experts. It might be changed according to patient / clients body constitution, pulse, body strength, problems, season and country. Our rates are very genuine & reasonable. we offer our services as stand alone or special package are :
Abhyangam AbhyangamThe word Abhyangam in itself means ‘to massage’. In Ayurveda, it is the name for a treatment that harmonizes the body with the soul. This treatment includes body massage with herbal oils of different types in accordance with the ailment and the need of the client, designed around each patient, to suit his/her condition or disease.
  • Abhyangam massage rejuvenates the body and the mind, providing many emotional and physical advantages.
  • It helps to detoxify the deep seated toxins through natural bodily process such as sweating and urination.
  • The Abhyangam massage is infact beneficial for everyone as it deals with bringing about rejuvenation and thus general good health.
  • it is especially useful for persons with problems such as those of obesity, diabetes, skin diseases etc.
  • It is ideal for post delivery/natal care of mothers.
  • Other benefits include: Pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, improve blood circulation, beautification of skin, delayed aging, muscle relaxation, reducing swelling of arthritic joints, helps increase the production of white blood cells and antibodies, which provide resistance and immunity against viruses and diseases.   Duration: 60 minutes – $100
Udwarthanam UdwarthanamBody massage using herbal powder is called udvarthanam. The massage activates the nerves and increases blood flow to the impaired parts of the body. Udvarthanam is also an important health preserving massage. The treatment is good for diseases like diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, obesity, skincare, sciatica, indigestion and sclerosis of blood vessels.[list class="bullet-2"][li]As the massage promotes active blood flow, it revitalizes and reconditions the body, thus preserving its strength, skin texture, and natural elasticity.[/li][li]Fat reduction is one of the significant benefits in cases of obesity.[/li][/list]Duration: 75 minutes - $100 Shirodhara Shirodhara2The term Shirodhara comes from ‘Shiro’ which means head, and ‘Dhara’ which means flow. Together these two words form the concept that aims to bring profound emotional relaxation. It is a treatment that calms and harmonizes the nervous system. A flow of medicated oil or buttermilk is poured continuously on the forehead for 45 to 90 minutes, inducing a mental state similar to trance. Shirodhara helps in the relief of mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, headache, excessive thinking etc, which are all common problems in today’s hectic lives.[list class="bullet-2"][li]It is also highly beneficial for general relaxation, in which case, non medicated oils are used to help revitalize the nervous system and give mental peace.[/li][li]Shirodhara is also very useful in ailments such as nervous disorders, insomnia, blood pressure, general weakness, urinary diseases, vertigo, sinusitis, eye & skin diseases, greying hair, memory loss, insomnia, tinnitus, epilepsy, diabetic neuropathy, paralysis etc.[/li][li]Other benefits include: Strengthens the central nervous system (CNS), strengthens the sensory organs, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases hypertension, sound sleep, improves concentration, intelligence, confidence and self-esteem.[/li][/list]Duration: 90 minutes - $160 Ela-kizh Elakizhi-massage-therapyElakizhi is a massage therapy, which is highly effective in treatments of ailments affecting the bones and joints using a linen bag is made and filled with herbal leaves, herbal powders, lemon, garlic and various other beneficial ingredients. . Procedure: Under this treatment, a powder of herbs, contained in a bolus is applied with lukewarm medicated oil, either on whole of the body or over the pain affected areas only. This process continues for 45 minutes everyday over 7 to 14 days. [list class="bullet-2"][li]Ela-kizhi is a highly effective treatment which shatters any blockages in the blood and lymphatic circulation, cleanses channels, increases circulation, and eliminates wastes and toxins through perspiration.[/li][li]Highly advisable in bone and joint conditions such as arthritis, spinal problems, spondylitis, sports injuries etc..[/li][li]Relieves pain, numbness and edema, controls vitiated Vata, improves peripheral blood supply, known to help cure diseases like paralysis and convulsions, and stimulates the nerve endings.[/li][/list]Duration: 90 minutes - $140 Nasyam NasyamThe application of medicated oil or powders through the nostrils is called nasyam. Nasyam is very important treatment for illness in the head region. Nasal drops are administered in each nostril for elimination of excess bodily humours accumulated in sinuses, throat, nose & head areas. ‘Nasa hi Shirso Dwaram’ it means nose is the doorway of the brain according to Ayurveda. With the use of nasaya, mucous membrane of nasal cavity is stimulated and therefore, other associated organs are also affected. Therefore, the obstructed kapha, in the channels, is removed which results in proper blood circulation in the head. [list class="bullet-2"][li]Nasaya helps in eliminating toxins from the head, neck, brain, ear, nose, and throat and cleans all the channels.[/li][li]It provides strength to sensory organs, prevents ageing, hair loss and graying.[/li][li]It also keeps the skin of the face and body free from wrinkles.[/li][li]Nasyam is excellent for Chronic sinusitis, Headache, Throat diseases, Epilepsy, Catarrh, Migraine, Voice constraints, Eye diseases and Cervical Spondyolosis.[/li][/list]Duration 30 minutes - $60 Whole body cleansing ShirodharaA wonderful way to detox the body is a combination of Kizhi, Nasyam and Virechana. When you regularly cleanse your body internally, the more efficient your system is in maintaining all other functions. Toxic chemicals easily find their way into our body through the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink. These toxins need to be eliminated before they disrupt normal metabolic systems and processes. Although the body is designed to eliminate toxins, it cannot always handle the overload present in today's environment. If you allow these toxins to remain inside your body, it disrupts the natural flow of energy in your body. [list class="bullet-2"][li]This Ayurvedic treatment cleanses and remove toxins from the lymphatic system and digestive system.[/li][li]It removes clogged sinuses, cleans and clears the head channels, stimulates the brain cells and central nervous system.[/li][li]An excellent system to improve our immune function.[/li][/list]Duration: 120 minutes - $200 Special Package Panchkarma and Detoxification package Panchkarma and Detoxification packageFirst Ayurvedic consultation with Doctor with empty stomach, the doctor will explain the doshas, Body constitution, diet, herbal medicine for balancing the dosaa & also treatment. The treatment includes Ayurvedic Abhayanga, Svedana (steam), Shirodhara, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya Karma and also some procedure according to Body constitution and problems. It will take daily 2 hours a day. The treatment will be under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctor with expert Technician in peaceful environment. 1st Day to 5th Day --- Ayurvedic Abhayanga, Shirodharta, Steam along with internal oleation 6th Day----- Vamanam or Virechana with Abhayanga & Swedana 7th Day----- Rest (Sansarjan Karma) 8th, 9th, 10th Day ----- Abhayanga, Sweda & Nasya Karma or Sansarjan Karma. 11th Day---- Virechana / Basti Therapy with Abhayanga & Steam 12th, 13th, 14th Day---- Abhayanga / Basti / Or Other Treatment 16 Days---- Abhayanga / Basti / swedan Stress management Stress managemenStress or Anxiety is increasing with high rate in the modern age. It disturbing the life activity, life span, produces insomnia or sleeplessness, affects the Harmone's level in the Body, which corrupts the metabolic activity & the disturbed metabolism produces a lot of diseased like Diabetes , IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), Leucoderma or Other Skin disorder or so many other diseases. Ayurveda has very effective and natural way of stress & Anxiety management. Smoothing Abhayanga with special Herbal Oil give very good relaxation of Body & Mind. The Shirodhana is a perfect treatment along with Herbal steam that balances the nervous system, increase the blood circulation, releases the toxins from the body in form of sweat and Urine. There is no way chemical or western style of treatment are used in this Therapy. After completion of Ayurvedic Treatment, Ayurvedic experts will suggest for taking Ayurvedic supplement to restoring the mental & physical power. Weight Loss package Weight Loss packageGaining weight of human is one of the major problem of the world. The most important cause of the increasing weight is due to disturbed hormonal level which is originated by less physical activity, consumption of a lot of Carbohydrate, Fatty foods, Stress originated by hectic life. It disturb the metabolic functions of the body. According to Ayurveda philosophy , obesity is due to obstruction in between seven dhatus process, (Meda & Asthi). That obstruction is Ama. This Ama has to cleanse through detoxification process & Aahar, Vihar (Diet & Exercise. The weight loss package is programmed in 21 days Ayurvedic treatments including , Ayurvedic massage, Swedan (Heat), Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Udavartana etc. According to body constitution and doshas of the body. The weight reduction will be around 5-8 Kg in 21 days. Rejuvenation package Rejuvenation packag We are taking / getting so many chemicals, toxins in our body in the form of polluted water, chemically treated vegetables, food stuffs. these chemicals affects our body cells in the form of degeneration of the tissues. The body immune system recover the degeneration of tissues. The Ayurveda helps to restore & regenerates the body tissues naturally. It involves the Ayurveda consultation, treatments and medicine. Abhayanga with Ayurvedic oils, Snehana and Swedana with milk & rice potalies, Shirodhara and steam therapy. these Ayurvedic therapy rejuvenate each and every cells & tissue of the body. Treatment give the good energy, skin becomes lusturefull and bright, dead tissue slugged off, the internal organs like liver, colons, kidney and spleen are also rejuvenate by the Ayurvedic treatments. The Ayurvedic doctor prescribe the herbal supplement for maintaining the rejuvenation after completing the therapy. Details of Rejuvenation Package : Rejuvenation helps to increase life span, working ability, enhances mental and physical performance. A complete 7 days programm to rejuvenate each & every cells of the body which is very important to maintenance of life.Recharge your body,mind and soul.Relax yourself, Feel the real taste of Ayurvedic procedure of ancient oldest science. Any procedure could be changed by Ayurveda and Yoga expert. Ayurveda consultation = 2 (20 min)     Abhayanga = 7 (60 mn) Shirodhara = 3 (45 Min)     Steam = 3 (20 min) Pind swedan = 3 (45 min)     Shashti shali pinda = 2 (90 min) Udawartan = 2 (60 min)     Yoga and meditation- 5 (60min) The treatments listed above are available to guests of our yoga retreat and to members of the public wishing to benefit from these authentic and effective Ayurvedic therapies. Please Note: Special prices are available for treatment packages.
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