Evaluation of yoga therapy programme for patients of bronchial asthma

14 October 2007 by
Editorial team


Singapore Medical Journal.

 1993 Aug;34(4):306-8

Jain SC,  Talukdar B.

Central Research Institute for Yoga, (Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India), New Delhi.


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A study of the effect of yoga therapy programme on 46 indoor patients of chronic bronchial asthma on exercise capacity, pulmonary functions and blood gases was conducted. Exercise capacity was measured by 3 tests:

  (i) 12 min walk test (12-md);

  (ii) physical fitness index (PFI) by modified Harvard step test; and

  (iii) Exercise-Liability index (ELI).


Yoga therapy programme resulted in a significant increase in the pulmonary functions and exercise tolerance. A one-year follow-up study showed a good to fair response with reduced symptoms score and drug requirements in these subjects. It is concluded that yoga therapy is beneficial for bronchial asthma.



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