Laya Yoga

14 October 2007 by
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Laya means absorbing and dissolving or melting all difficulties and negatives, liberating from obstacles and problems by dissolving karman and destroying ovules of causes. It is usually called yoga of absorption or absorbing the lower nature by higher divine spiritual forces.

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Laya Yoga is a shaivic system of practicing Yoga based on chakras development and inducing Kundalini energy. Philosophically the spiritual aim of Laya Yoga school describes treatise "Yogabija" (142) as identity, uniformity (aikya), kshtera (fields of mind and ego) with kshterajna (authority of field, cognitive consciousness). After realizing this identity the mind melts itself, and when Laya state appears, vital force (pavana) becomes stable. Because of the state of absorption (Laya) a man can achieve ananda state- bliss and happiness and transcendental consciousness as well. Laya state as higher spiritual state of Yoga is described as entrance of one single soul (atman) to the Absolute or All-Spirit, unification with God. Laya is entrance into God, coming into divine consciousness, merging with Highest Consciousness, with All-Spirit. "Laya" term as ending state of consciousness or spiritual realization is identified with fourth level of consciousness expansion called as Turiya or it's sophisticated higher phase. Laya Yoga pays attention to practicing such groups of exercises like mantras, mudras and yantras – appropriately work with sound, shape and gestures, and work with signs and symbols (mandala). This sequence complies with methodology of introducing exercises – what is often forgotten by teachers of chakras in the West. They usually teach in rather accidental way, much different than Eastern Masters. Mantra purifies speech organs and sense of hearing. Mudra enables higher energies to flow through all our body and yantra enables us to contact with higher extraterrestrial creatures. During contact with higher existences we should be very careful, because not all of them are Gods or Goodies indeed and demonic worlds are full of spirits as well, even often pretending Gods. As far as asana-yoga exercises are concerned, the positions associated usually with yoga, system of Laya Yoga uses usually such positions of meditation: sitting (sit on knees, lotus), standing (tree), lying (sawasana) or walking. Of course with appropriate focusing, visualization, rhythm of breathing and prayer (mantra). Lots of bows and half-bows are practiced and ritual moves called sthulla-karira. Laya practice contains also well known in northern India "transcendental runs" which are similar to jogging and tranquil lying on water surface with minimal moves indispensable for maintaining on the surface. It is called "water relaxation" and is usually connected with session of intensive purifying breathing.


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