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1 November 2012 by
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We are dedicated for spreading free energy healing modalities, (Reiki )attunements, free healing, free yoga all over the world in order to ensure that it is available to everyone who wants to learn. And open a whole new universe of (spiritual) advancement to everyone so as everyone can live life more fully and can access the vast ocean of energy. 

We also promote holistic healing system freely among leprosy patients, towards society shows greatest disregard. Help them to remove the fear, ignorance and social stigma surrounding the disease using esoteric energies.

Kindly note that there are no charges for the energy healing and attunements without certificate. We do it freely for you.

If you want to have certificate following are the specification including fees, please use the PayPal link given below. We appreciate donations  it will enable us to reach to maximum people. And you will join this humanitarian endeavour and the gratitude of those whose lives arechanging forever.

As per your request, Master/ Teacher certificate will be sent by an e-mail to you in jpg and pdf file format.

payment options

Thanks to all of you that buy Certificates and help me stay on line.

I hope that this experience with Divine Energy leaves you with light, comfort, and happiness.

May eternal peace, love, healing energies and compassion fill your heart and mind.

Thank you and God bless you!

Regards with love and light,

~ Mohan.                             




O Lord !

May all beings be happy, May all be healthy,

May people have the well-being of all in mind,

May nobody suffer in any way.

--Vedic Prayer


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