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The problems of infertility and impotence are rarely due entirely to organic causes, but are clearly related to stress. Many people, who are usually tense and over occupied suffer from sexual dysfunctions. Sexual activity requires complete concentration and relaxation. It cannot be performed in haste and tension.Yoga offers effective treatments for sexual debility. The most common male sexual dysfunction is impotence.

Causes for Sexual disorder

  • Enlargement of prostate gland. Impotency with diabetes mellitusExcessive masturbation. Excessive indulging in sex.
  • Complete loss of desire (even in young man) Mumps, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking & drugs intake. Local Injury Syphilis.

Female sexual problems

  • The same diseases that cause sexual dysfunction in women.
Loss of Libido
  • Hormones are directly responsible for female sex drive and libido.
  • fatigue, stress, depression, and medication are just a few of the other possible factors that may interfere with sexual desire.
  • Years immediately before and after menopause the estrogen and testosterone levels decreases.
  • Decreased blood flow to their genitals.
  • Vaginal atrophy, which involves thinning, drying and irritation of the vaginal lining, causes significant distress for the menopausal woman
  • The interplay of psychological, cultural and interpersonal factors.
Male sexual problems
  • The same diseases that cause sexual dysfunction in men.  Premature Ejaculation Male Sterility
  • Excessive loss of seminal fluid

Yoga for Sexual disorder

Dhanurasana The Bow
Sarvangasana The Shoulder Stand
Halasana The Plough  Beside the above mentioned asana and pranayama practice of yoganidra, concentration and meditation gives the best result.
Therapeutics Yoganidra YogaNidra is a state of conscious Deep Sleep. YogaNidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It has great Therapeutics values. Diet
Diet is an important factors, Include fresh fruit nut, cereals, green vegetables, milk, honey your diet. Avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee all processed canned refined and denatured foods especially white sugar and white flour and products made from them.
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