Shitali Pranayama: cooling nerves cures tumor jaundice skin diseases indigestion constipation

14 October 2007 by
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Shitali means cooling. It is a pranayama which cools whole the body. In this pranayama, air is inhaled though the mouth in slowly and constantly and exhaled though both the nostril in the same way. This cools the whole body and at the same time relaxes the central nervous system.

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Method for Shitali Pranayama :

Sit in the Padmasana, Siddhasana or Vajrasana. Protruding the tongue roll it along the sides so that it takes the shape of blowpipe. Now suck in the air and retain it inside your lungs as long as possible. Ultimately exhale the breath through both the nostrils.

Benefits of  Shitali Pranayama :

It has great energizing, soothing, relaxing and cooling effects on all the nerve channels and on the whole body.

The Pranayama purifies the blood expelling the toxins Diseases like tumor, jaundice,skin diseases, fever are cured, and it also corrects indigestion and constipation.

It quenches the thirst. Hence if  one feels thirsty and hungry at a place where water and food are not available, this pranayama satisfies both thrust and hunger.

With regular practice of this you may become immune to the snakebite and Scorpio’s stings. For the people who lose temper easily and get excited quickly this Pranayama is highly beneficial.

With this Pranayama uncontrolled growth of placenta, liver, spleen and disease like gangrene, leprosy etc. are corrected.

Since this pranayama has great cooling effects on the system it may possible some practitioners may catch cold or get sore throat by practicing it. In this case they are advised to gargle with hot saline water.

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