Bundle2 - Chakra Balancing - Set of 6


Elevate your spiritual journey with our Chakra Balancing - Set of 6, a comprehensive digital and printable bundle designed to harmonize your energy centers. This set includes:

The ancient model of the Seven Chakra System identifies the primary energy centers within the human body, each associated with distinct qualities and stages of development. Chakra stones, including gemstones and crystals, can enhance or stimulate the energy of these chakras. This bundle helps you select the right healing crystals for your focus by providing fundamental details about each chakra and the corresponding stones.

Chakras are vital energy centers that align with the central channel of the body, known as the shushumna nadi, intersecting with the ida and pingala nadis to form the subtle body. This system significantly impacts both the physical body and mind. When the chakras and nadis are open, life force (prana) flows freely, promoting well-being.

Signs of chakra imbalance include:

  • Feeling “off”
  • Recurring illness
  • Repeated mistakes
  • A sense of falling apart
  • Everything seems to be going wrong

Balancing your chakras takes effort and involves practices like yoga poses, which combine physical and spiritual elements, promoting harmony among all seven chakras. Yoga enhances posture, flexibility, immunity, weight loss, and overall fitness.

Our Bundle Includes:

  • Chakra Stones and Their Benefits: Enhance or stimulate your chakras with gemstones and crystals.
  • Chakra Chart Posters: In-depth exploration of chakra functions, symptoms of imbalance, and balancing techniques.
  • Yoga Asanas for Chakra Balancing: Cultivate awareness, reduce stress, and increase inner peace.
  • Comprehensive Guides: Detailed insights into the seven chakras, their attributes, and practical techniques for balance.

Visually Captivating and Informative: Our high-resolution (300dpi) files are print-ready and easy to frame. Add vibrant colors and meaning to your walls with our stunning Chakra Wall Art, perfect for any space—bedroom, living room, or meditation area.

Embrace the transformative power of chakras and embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and holistic well-being with our Chakra Balancing - Set of 6. Experience the profound effects of aligning your chakras and unlock your true potential. 


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Following files included for your convenience, compressed into zip files:

  • A2 (420 x 594mm)
  • A4 (210 x 297mm)


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