Practicle intructions : Brahmacharya Antahkarana, Pancha Bhuta, Omkara Laya Chintana

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Practicle intructions : Brahmacharya Antahkarana, Pancha Bhuta, Omkara Laya Chintana
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Brahmacharya: The Essence of Purity and Discipline

Brahmacharya is essential for spiritual growth. Even in dreams, one must be free from lustful thoughts. Achieving this state requires long practice and careful vigilance over the mind and Indriyas (senses). Many people hastily jump to advanced Yoga practices without mastering Brahmacharya, an important foundation for spiritual Sadhana.

Key Points to Maintain Brahmacharya:

  • Early Rising and Spiritual Practices: Wet dreams generally occur in the last quarter of the night. Those who rise between 3 and 4 a.m. (Brahmamuhurta) and engage in Japa (chanting), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Dhyana (meditation) can avoid nocturnal emissions.
  • Mental Occupation: Keep the mind fully occupied with Japa, meditation, reading religious texts, walking, Kirtan (devotional singing), prayer, Satsanga (spiritual gatherings), service, religious discourse, and writing.
  • Wear Traditional Attire: Always wear a Kaupeen or Langotee, which is both scientific and spiritual.
  • Separate Sleeping Arrangements: Married individuals should sleep in separate rooms from their spouses.
  • Careful Selection of Companions: Avoid drama, movies, novels, and love stories. Do not use soaps and flowers, and observe Mowna (silence).
  • Avoid Fulfillment of Desires: When desires arise, do not fulfill them; crush them immediately. Avoid the company of women and refrain from joking and laughing, as these are outward manifestations of lust.
  • Mind Control in Public: When walking in public, do not look around like a monkey. Avoid looking at women, even photos or pictures. Do not talk about women.

Advanced Practice and Seclusion:

  • Meditation and Work Balance: Advanced practitioners will find it difficult to balance meditation with daily office and household work due to the double strain on the mind.
  • Stop Worldly Activities: Advanced Grihastha (householder) students should cease all worldly activities and live in seclusion to advance in meditation.
  • Conserve Energy: Observe Mowna, live alone, and keep a diary of the benefits. Avoid gestures and signs (hu, hu, hu) as they waste energy. Utilize conserved energy in Japa and meditation.

Discipline for Advanced Practitioners:

  • Laborious Life and Coarse Food: Train yourself to a hard, laborious life with coarse food, walking without shoes, and no umbrella. Give up timidity.
  • Minimize Social Interaction: Avoid long talk, big talk, and vain discussions. Withdraw from society as much as possible to conserve energy.
  • Solitude for Sadhana: Solitude is crucial for Sadhana. Mixing with householders is dangerous. The progress gained in seclusion can be lost quickly by re-entering the world.

Patience and Perseverance:

  • Balanced State of Mind: Most daily difficulties arise from lack of mind control. Anger, for example, shows the mind is not under control and leads to energy loss.
  • Diet Control: A balanced diet is crucial. Overloading the stomach can upset meditation. Train yourself to 'Mitahara' (moderate eating).

Spiritual Growth and Purification:

  • Siddhi through Shuddhi: Chitta-Shuddhi (purification of mind), Nadi Shuddhi (purification of nadis), Bhuta-Shuddhi (purification of elements), and Adhara-Shuddhi (purification of support) are essential. Siddhi (perfection) comes through Shuddhi (purification).
  • Endurance: Develop patience and faith. Enduring pain and torture with contentment accelerates spiritual growth.

Mantra and Energy Transformation:

  • Power of Mantra: A Mantra is radiant energy that transforms mental substance. It helps regulate unsteady vibrations and strengthens Sadhana Shakti (spiritual power).
  • Guru's Knowledge: Knowledge imparted by a Guru through direct instruction is powerful and fruitful.

Mind Control and Purity:

  • Control Anger: Practice Kshama (forgiveness), Dhairya (patience), and Nirabhimanata (absence of egoism) to control anger. Anger is a modification of passion, and controlling lust helps control anger.
  • Diet and Health Practices: For indigestion and constipation, take a long brisk walk in the morning, drink large quantities of water, and practice specific Asanas (yoga postures) like Paschimottanasana, Mayurasana, and Nauli.

Overcoming Bad Habits:

  • Promise Before Deity: To overcome habits like drinking or flesh-eating, make a promise before the deity and proclaim this determination to friends. Struggle hard, take Satsanga, and study religious books.
  • Change Environment: If necessary, change your environment to one where bad habits cannot be continued.

Sadhana and Tapas:

  • Systematic Practice: Do your Sadhana and Tapas systematically and regularly. Purify and steady the mind, and Kundalini will awaken spontaneously.

Solitude and Seclusion:

  • Avoid Social Interaction: Avoid excessive social interaction and focus on solitary practice. Gradually train yourself to live in seclusion.

Yoga and Siddhi:

  • Mastery and Patience: Master every stage in Yoga patiently. Do not seek premature awakening of Kundalini. Continue practice until you attain perfection.
  • Avoiding Siddhis: Reject Siddhis (psychic powers) when they come. They are distractions from the ultimate goal of Samadhi.


Adopting Brahmacharya and disciplined spiritual practices are crucial for attaining higher states of consciousness. Practice diligently, maintain purity, and strive for inner transformation. Through perseverance and sincere devotion, one can achieve profound spiritual growth and realization.

Quotes to Remember:

  • "Only the knowledge imparted by a Guru through his lips is powerful and useful; otherwise, it becomes fruitless, weak, and very painful."
  • "For success, firm belief is the first condition."
  • "Humility is the highest of all virtues. You can destroy your egoism by developing this virtue alone."

Remember, patience and perseverance are key. Stay committed to your practice and let the journey unfold naturally.

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