BaddhaKonasana - Restrained Angle Yoga Pose

16 September 2023 by
Editorial team

In the serene embrace of Baddhakonasana, find the essence of restraint and harmony. Baddha Konasana invites a deep connection with body and breath, unlocking profound benefits.

Position of Readiness: Begin seated, extending legs forward with a straight spine and relaxed breath.

Steps: Exhale and draw knees towards the pelvis, heels meeting the perineum. Lock your fingers over your feet, gently pressing elbows on thighs to guide knees downward. Breathe deeply, embracing the posture for rejuvenating moments.

Benefits: Stimulate vital organs, improve circulation, and foster mental well-being. This pose alleviates menstrual discomfort, aids in childbirth, and supports overall health.

Note: For those with groin or knee concerns, use a blanket under the thighs for added support and comfort.

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