Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose

9 April 2024 by
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The term Bhujanga translates to Cobra in Sanskrit, symbolizing the essence of this graceful yoga posture. Bhujangasana is typically the first in a sequence of backbends, fostering spine flexibility and vitality.

Position of Readiness

Begin by lying flat on your stomach, palms placed firmly on the floor under the shoulders, elbows nestled close to the body. Keep your heels together and toes pressing into the ground. Maintain a steady breath rhythm.


  1. Initiate the Movement: Gently arch your head and neck backward. Inhale deeply, lifting your head and chest above the navel, while engaging the legs from waist to toes. Hold the breath for 6 to 8 seconds in this lifted position.
  2. Return to Rest: Exhale as you slowly lower your head back to the floor. Relax your body, resting your cheek on the floor for about 6 seconds. This completes one round of Bhujangasana.

Daily Practice

Commence with three rounds on the initial day, gradually increasing to a maximum of four rounds. Consistent practice yields the full benefits of this rejuvenating pose.


Bhujangasana enlivens the upper body, invigorating the chest, shoulders, neck, face, and head, enhancing a youthful appearance. It fortifies and normalizes digestive organs like the pancreas and liver, while enhancing abdominal strength. This asana promotes flexibility, revitalizes spinal nerves, and improves blood circulation in the spinal region. Specifically for women, it aids in alleviating uterine and ovarian issues and menstrual discomfort, contributing to ease during childbirth with regular practice.


Following Bhujangasana, integrating Salabha Asana into your practice is recommended for comprehensive benefits.


Transition to a kneeling position, advancing the right foot forward until the lower leg is perpendicular to the ground. Maintain a straight back, arms by the sides, and inhale deeply. Exhale, shifting the body weight forward and bending the knee as much as comfortable while keeping the heel grounded. Inhale while returning to the starting posture. Ardha-Bhujangasana fosters suppleness in the spinal column, legs, knees, and ankles, preparing the body effectively for pregnancy.

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