Hanumanasana - Monkey Yoga Pose

17 November 2023 by
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Hanumanasana, commonly known as the Monkey Pose, is not just about physical flexibility but also carries deep spiritual significance. This majestic asana embodies the spirit of Hanuman, symbolizing strength, devotion, and resilience.

Embracing Hanumanasana:

Hanumanasana beckons you to explore the realms of flexibility and inner peace. Let's delve into the steps and benefits of this empowering pose, connecting mind, body, and spirit.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initial Posture:
    • Begin in a kneeling position with your thighs perpendicular to the floor, embodying a sense of stability and readiness.
  2. Entering the Pose:
    • Extend your right leg straight out in front of you, placing the heel firmly on the floor.
    • Gradually slide the right heel forward, maintaining a straight leg, until both legs are fully extended, with the left leg stretching behind you.
    • Keep your hips parallel and facing forward, allowing for a harmonious alignment of the body.
  3. Maintaining the Pose:
    • Hold the pose for 5 to 10 deep, mindful breaths, relishing the stretch and embracing the sensation of openness in the legs and hips.
    • Engage your core muscles and find a sense of balance and stability within the pose.
  4. Exiting the Pose:
    • To release from Hanumanasana, gently bend your right leg and draw it back toward your body, returning to the initial kneeling position.
  5. Repetition and Continuation:
    • Repeat the sequence on the opposite side, extending the left leg forward and experiencing the profound stretch and serenity of the pose.
    • Embrace the flow of movement and breath, allowing Hanumanasana to unfold as a meditative journey.

Benefits of Hanumanasana:

  • Flexibility and Strength:
    • "Provides deep flexibility to the legs, hips, and waist, enhancing overall mobility and strength."
  • Spiritual Significance:
    • "Embodies the spirit of Hanuman, symbolizing devotion, courage, and unwavering determination."
  • Mental Calmness:
    • "Promotes mental calmness and inner peace, fostering a harmonious connection between body and mind."
  • Menstrual Health:
    • "Aids in regulating menstrual flows, balances hormone secretion, and promotes overall reproductive health."


Hanumanasana is not just a physical pose but a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace the essence of the Monkey Pose in your practice, and let it guide you towards greater flexibility, strength, and spiritual awakening.

Discover Your Inner Strength: Hanumanasana - Embrace the Journey!

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