Sukhasana : Easy Yoga Pose

23 October 2023 by
Editorial team

Sukhasana, also known as the Easy Pose, provides a comfortable seated position for meditation. It allows you to focus on your breath and body. Here’s how to practice Sukhasana:

  1. Starting Position:
    • Sit on the floor with your buttocks grounded.
    • Cross your legs, placing your feet directly below your knees.
    • Rest your hands on your knees, palms facing up.
    • Keep your spine straight and press your sit bones down into the ground.
  2. Alignment:
    • Drop your shoulders down and back.
    • Press your chest forward, creating space in the front of your body.
    • Relax your face, jaw, and belly.
    • Let your tongue rest on the roof of your mouth, just behind the front teeth.
  3. Breathing:
    • Breathe deeply through your nose, allowing the breath to flow down into your belly.
    • Cultivate inner calm and mindfulness during your meditation practice.


  • Strengthens the lower back.
  • Opens the groin and hips.
  • Promotes relaxation and inner peace.

Remember to find a comfortable position that suits your body, and enjoy the benefits of Sukhasana in your meditation practice! 😊

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