Makarasana - Crocodile Yoga Pose

1 May 2024 by
Editorial team

Makara, symbolizing a crocodile, forms the essence of this pose. Its relaxing nature is akin to Savasana, offering body warmth.

Variations: Two versions exist—prone and supine positions.

Prone Position:

Preparation: Lie on your stomach, arms stretched back, legs straight.


  1. Spread legs, toes outward, heels inward.
  2. Fold left arm at the elbow, resting it on the right shoulder. Repeat with the right arm.
  3. Place head in the triangular space formed by the elbows.


  • Relaxes muscles, slows heart rate and breathing.
  • Useful for asthma, rectifies breathing patterns.
  • Provides abdominal massage.

Note: Avoid if you have heart issues, obesity, gas, or high blood pressure. Explore Makarasana – 2 for more variations.

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